Mark Cullum

Half Malaysian, born in Wales. Often writing, forever learning. Aiming to inspire.

Home - London, England.



Alice Baynton

Welsh expat in Spain, exploring the unfamiliar. Writer of all things fiction and some things fact.

Home - Estepona, Spain.


Miranda Cichy

Dreaming wildly between the box hedges with an MA in Wild Writing. 

Home - Colchester, England.

Danielle Dzumaga

Cambridge English Literature graduate. Lover of Italy and Italians.

Home - London, England.

Jonathan Fuhrmann

Photographer from Vienna: http://www.jonathanfuhrmann.com/

Home - Cambridge, England.

Laura Grant-Evans

Freelance art producer, travel and fashion journalist in London. Always creating.

Home - London, England.

Marc Jones

Comedy writer whose pop culture references are hideously out of date.

Home - Cardiff, Wales.

Rich McCulloch

Director of Studies at Kedaro International. Hitchhiker extraordinaire.

Home - Huelva, Spain.

Alex Nazaruk

Culinary explorer at Foodish Boy. 52 global food jobs in one year.

Home - London, England.


Sean Rowlands

Freelance cultural project officer with an MA in Latin American Studies. 

Home - London, England.


Jono Blackham

South African lifestyle and fashion photographer, heavily influenced by the natural environment.

Home - London, England.


Alexander Dellow

 Videographer with hiking boots. Always exploring, occasionally snapping. Rarely in the city.

Home - Wanaka, New Zealand.


Mike Drummond

Portrait and commercial photographer. Often found capturing moments and people on the street.

Home - London, England.


Wyn Evans

Musician and landscape photographer from coastal Wales. Exploring the rural environment.

Home - Aberaeron, Wales.


Jonathan Stokes

Photographer and videographer capturing landscapes, interiors and food. Recent discovery: Andalucia.

Home - London, England.


Scott Turner

Nomadic photographer with a love for story and adventure. Intrepid explorer of East Asia, equestrian of Kyrgyzstan.

Home - Shanghai, China.



Kath Anderson

Bespectacled, petite artist commissioned by the BFI, Playhouse Theatre and more. 

Home - Liverpool, England. 

Ellie Doidge

Illustrator from Wales, often travelling. Art teacher in training. 

Home - Brighton, England.

Emily Mudie

Welsh photographer, occasional illustrator and avid traveller. 

Home - London, England. 


Olivia Whitworth

Sheffield-born with an MA in Illustration. Navigating the freelance world. 

Home - London, England.